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Create a Group and Project


Groups and projects are the backbone of data organization in Flywheel and help to manage who can access data.

Groups are typically created for each lab, virtual team, or collaboration partner. Projects represent an experiment or other collection of data.

Instruction Steps

Create a New Group

First, navigate to the Groups page by clicking Groups in the left navigation menu. Groups.png

Click Create New Group, and enter the Group Name and Group ID.


  • Group name cannot include special characters.
  • Group ID must be unique and cannot be changed later.

Create Projects Within the Group

All projects in Flywheel are associated with a group. To create a project within the group you just created:

  1. Select the group from the list. You can use the search bar at the top of each column to filter the list.
  2. Click the Information tab.
  3. Click Create New Project.
  4. Enter a project name (you can edit the name later.)


Now that you have created a group and a project, you can add users to them.

Create Project Template to Simplify Configuring New Projects

Project templates configure the default users and their roles for projects within a group. Users added to the project template are automatically added to all future projects created within the group.

You must create a user before adding them to the project template.

Tip: To only add users to existing projects but not future projects, add the user to projects using the Permissions tab on the Users page.

To add users to the project template:

  1. Click Add.


  2. Select a user and choose a role. Note that this role is a project role (not a group role).

    By default, projects have Admin, read-write, and read-only permissions. However, Site Admins can create custom project roles (Learn more about custom roles).

  3. Enable Add user to all projects in this group to automatically add the user to existing projects as well as future projects.

Additional Settings

The following settings are also available via the Groups page. You do not need to configure these right away, but as you continue to configure Flywheel to fit your workflows, you will likely want to come back to these settings.

Permissions Tab

This tab shows users with a group role. You must create a user before configuring them in the permissions tab.

To add existing users to the group:

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select a user from the list and choose a permission level. This permission level sets the group role. Group roles are Admin, read-write, and read. Learn more about what users can do with each role.

Tip: To add users to a project without giving them a group role, add them via the Permissions tab in the project itself.


Create tags for annotating your data or to help you mark data for a processing pipeline. Tags can also be used when querying data in Advanced Search or when creating a Data View.

Tags are created by Site Admins at the Group level and then users can use them to tag data.

Learn more about using tags in Flywheel.