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Create a Project


Welcome to Flywheel! This quick start guide explains how to set up a project in Flywheel so you can start adding data.

In Flywheel, a project is a way to organize data from an experiment or other collection of subject data.

Instruction Steps

  1. Click New Project.


  2. Select one of your groups from the list. Only groups where you have create permissions appear in this list.

  3. Give your project a name


    Tip: A project name needs to be unique to the group it's created in.

  4. Determine permissions for the project:

    • Enable Default Group Permissions: Adds all users in the group to your project and applies their group role. For example, users who have Read Only role in the group will also have the Read Only role for this project.

    • Disable Default Group Permissions: Creates the project with you as the Project Admin. No other users are added to the project.

  5. Click Create.

A success message appears and your project appears in the list.

Tip: Create a project template to add a default list of users and their roles to each project within a group. This helps ensure the appropriate users are added each time a new project is created.

I Cannot Find My Project

If you do not see a project in your Projects list, it may be because you do not have access to it.

Site Admins can view and edit all projects. To find an existing project and add yourself or another user:

  1. Select your profile picture in the top right corner.
  2. Click Manage Site. The left-navigation turns orange and you can now see all projects on your site.

  3. Go to the project and select add_ons_options_menu.png


  4. Select your user from the dropdown list and give yourself a project role.

Next Steps

Add data to your project