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Delete Users (Disable Login)


In order to keep an audit trail of what happens to data in Flywheel, user accounts cannot be deleted. Instead, you can disable login for the user. Disabling a user means:

  • The user is signed out of their Flywheel session
  • The user can no longer sign in
  • All group and project permissions for the user are removed
  • The user is hidden by default in the app
  • All logs of the user's actions in Flywheel remain in the logs

Instruction Steps

To disable a user:

  1. Sign in to Flywheel
  2. Click Users
  3. Search for the user by Name or Email Address
  4. Select the user
  5. In the Information tab, click Login Disabled


  6. Confirm you want to disable login.

  7. Click Save.

The user disappears from the users list. If you want to see the user in the list later, click Show Disabled Users.