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Discovery Control Panel Configuration


Discovery is built on open source XNAT. It allows you to:

  • configure connections between PACS or VNA
  • index the DICOM metadata
  • manage data requests that come from Discovery Dashboard
  • upload imaging study identifiers

Data requests can then be pulled as full imaging studies from your clinical imaging system and staged for further processing and analysis.

This document provides detailed instructions to configure your Discovery Control Panel site.

Instruction Steps

Enable Discovery Feature for the Site

Enabling this feature will enable the link to the Discovery Dashboard in the top navigation bar.

To learn more about enabling XNAT features in general, visit the XNAT wiki.

To enable the Discovery Feature:

  1. Navigate to Administer

  2. Select Manage Features

Note Features may need to be enabled on your site which you can do with a POST to /xapi/siteConfig with the following request body:

'{"uiShowAdminManageSiteFeatures":true}' -H "Content-Type:application/json"

You can also navigate directly to Manage Features in the web UI as seen below:



Add New PACS Configuration

A PACS configuration must be added in order to index and extract images. Contact your PACS administrator to get AE Title information.

From the existing DICOM Query Retrieve plugin, add any number of external PACS systems to index using the Discovery plugin. The remote PACS system must support query retrieval and move operations.

  1. Navigate to Administer

  2. Select Plugin Settings

  3. Select DQR Settings

  4. Select the New DICOM AE button

  5. Enter the AE Title information you received from your PACS admin and select Save

dqr settings

pacs settings

Add Two New DICOM SCP Receivers

In order for PACS to send information back to Discovery Control Panel, DICOM SCP receivers must be configured.

The plugin requires two new SCP receivers to use for indexing and archiving. Both of these SCP listeners should be assigned the iqObjectIdentifier.

  1. Navigate to Administer

  2. Select Site Administration

  3. Select DICOM SCP Receivers under the Advanced XNAT Settings group

  4. Select the New DICOM SCP Receiver button

scp receiver

After configuring both SCP receivers, they should be visible and shown as below.

configured receivers

Configure Discovery Receivers

To configure the Discovery Receivers:

  1. Navigate to Administer

  2. Select Plugin Settings

  3. Select IQ Plugin

  4. Add Discovery AETitles for indexing and ‘indexing + archiving’ to Discovery config

Index Support

Data in Discovery can be indexed via the admin pages described below. In this mode, a single file from each series will be moved to this indexing-only AETitle and used to create the Discovery indexes for searching. The original instance file will not be saved in XNAT.

Index and Archive Support

Alternatively, data can be pushed to the Discovery-enabled archiving AE title and the DICOM images will be indexed AND archived into the XNAT system. This is a mechanism to populate XNAT and index at the same time.


Discovery Admin Usage

Once everything is configured, please continue to the Discovery Control Panel User Guide for more information on indexing and requesting data from a PACS.


Discovery Control Panel User Guide

Discovery Dashboard Quick Start

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