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Extension Applications Setup


Flywheel offers the ability to extend viewer and form functionality by creating an application.

Applications can be simple HTML documents or complex, multi-file web apps as long as the entry document is accessible to all users of the Flywheel instance.

Apps are loaded in an iframe and communicate with the Flywheel instance over a channel via the extension SDK.

The Applications dashboard lists all applications registered at your site.

The top section lists all custom applications on your site, which can be edited.

The bottom section lists all system applications, which cannot be edited.


Instruction Steps

Example Applications

Applications are associated to different levels of the Flywheel hierarchy (groups, projects, subjects, sessions, or acquisitions, or files.) The Extension SDK is used to build Flywheel applications.

Below is a list of example applications that other users have created:

  • Auto Chart: Takes tabular and creates a graph that you can view and edit directly in Flywheel
  • Image Viewer: Enables the ability to view images that aren't in DICOM or NIfTI format, such as JPG or PNG images (currently DICOM and NIfTI are the only formats supported by the default OHIF viewer).
  • Metadata Forms: Allows users to quickly add custom metadata to give data more context.

See the Extension SDK documentation to learn more about building your own application.