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Gear Menu Organization


As a site's list of Gears grows, it's good practice to organize Gears so that users can easily find the Gear they are looking to run.

Instruction Steps

The Suite Key

As shown below, Gears can be grouped together under headings.


This organization is derived from information in the Gear's manifest, specifically from within the "suite" key. When a gear is uploaded to the site, the suite key value generates a sub-heading within the drop-down menu. Duplicate suite keys do not result in redundant headings; if the heading exists the Gear is simply placed under that heading.


The following json text within the DICOM MR Classifier manifest causes the Gear to appear under the "SciTran" heading in the Gear dropdown menu.

"custom": {
  "flywheel": {
    "suite": "SciTran"

Gear Uploads from Gear Builder

If you're using the CLI to build and upload your Gears, you should consider adding a suite key prior to uploading the Gear.

This can be particularly helpful if you are building and uploading Gears that share a subheading with existing Gears.

Retrospective Organization

It's best to add the suite key prior to uploading/installing a given Gear. For Gears that are already installed, reach out to Flywheel Support for help adding a suite key.