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Gear Rule Templates


Gear Rule Templates allow you to define a standard set of gear rules for every new Flywheel Project. These templates help keep gear processing consistent across projects while giving project admins the flexibility to customize the settings of the gear rules for each project.

Before setting up the Gear Rule Templates impacting all site projects, be sure to review the process for setting up and managing Gear Rules on an individual project.

Instruction Steps

Setting up a Gear Rule Template

Gear Rule Templates define the default set of Gear rules for new projects and are set by Site Admins.

To set up a Gear Rule Template:

  1. Click Gear Rule Templates in the left navigation pane.


    The site's Gear Rule Templates are displayed.


  2. Click Add New Rule to create a new template.

  3. Provide a Rule Name.

  4. Define the container level of the data.

    • Acquisitions
    • Sessions
    • Subjects
    • Projects
    • Any Container
    • Analysis Output
  5. Specify the ANY, ALL, and EXCEPT...ANY criteria.

  6. Click Select Gear to pick the Gear that should be included in the template. You will be asked to provide the gear type and configuration values.

    The Project Admin may need to complete additional steps on the Gear Rule before it can be enabled on a new project.

    • SDK Gears: Specify the Role that the gear should operate under.
    • Gears with Multiple Inputs: The Site Admin can select the trigger input from the required inputs of the gear, and the Project Admin will be able to modify it on a new project. For gears with multiple inputs, all remaining required inputs will need to be populated by the Project Admin before the gear can be enabled on that project.
  7. Click Save to save the Gear Rule Template.

  8. Gear Rule Templates are saved in a disabled state by default. When ready, enable the Gear Rule Template.

Project Creation with Gear Rule Templates

When a project is created, the site Gear Rule Templates are used to populate the gear rules for the new project. Enabled Gear Rule Templates will create enabled Gear Rules in the project. Disabled Gear Rule Templates will also create Gear Rules in the project, but in a disabled state.

This is also true when you create a project using Smart Copy.

The Project Admin can override or modify the default Gear Rules in their project. For some Gear Rules, this is a required step before they can be enabled, since some gears have project-specific input files or permission roles.

Additional Information

Changes to the Gear Rule Templates do not affect existing projects, only projects created after a change is made. Project administrators can override or modify these default Gear rules within the project's management page.

Gear Rules determine which Gears run automatically on a project's data. Features of the data (e.g., classification, file name, or file type) can be used to determine which Rules will apply to those data.

Multiple Gear Rules can be defined on a project and will apply only to those data within that project.

In versions prior to 16.13, Gear Rules are limited to gears that specify a single input file and to SDK gears that have "read-only" permissions.