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How to De-identify DICOM Files Using the DICOM Uploader


Flywheel has tools to assist in removing PHI from data prior to importing it into Flywheel, for example when importing DICOM images via the web uploader.

Instruction Steps

For more robust de-identification when uploading data via the DICOM uploader, enable project de-id profiles.

With project de-id profiles enabled, DICOMs added to the project via the DICOM uploader are automatically de-identified according to the de-id profile. Learn more about project and group de-id profiles.

The method described in this article still applies if you do not have de-id profiles enabled.

To use this tool when using the web uploader, enable Anonymize Data before you click Upload Data.


This tool removes the DICOM tags PatientID, PatientName, and PatientBirthDate. It also rounds the PatientAge to the nearest month if it's expressed in units less than months.