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Manage Site Mode


The Manage Site Mode (also known as Orange Mode) allows site Admins to perform system-level activities across the site or to find missing files and projects.

Instruction Steps

Find Missing Data or Projects

Users will often upload data but fail to enter the appropriate group, project, or subject information at the console. As a Site Manager, you can find their data by enabling Manage Site mode, filtering by timestamp, and then editing the project or subject information to route the data to the correct location.

Similarly, if you are unable to find a project, enable Manage Site mode to view all projects on the site– even ones you are not a member of. You must also enable Manage Site mode to add users to projects to which you do not have access.

Use project templates to automatically add users to projects

If you find yourself needing to add the same users to projects, create a project template for the group and add them as default users.

Enable Manage Site Mode

To enable Manage Site mode, Click your profile image, and choose Manage Site.


When in Manage Site mode, the Flywheel sidebar on the left of the page will turn orange and you will be able to view and edit all projects on the site.