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ORCID Account Configuration for Flywheel


ORCID is part of the broader digital infrastructure needed for researchers to share information on a global scale. Flywheel uses the Primary Email Address associated with ORCID.

This document describes how to configure an ORCID account for use in Flywheel.

Instruction Steps

Configuration Steps

Share ORCID Account to Allow Flywheel Authentication

  1. In the browser, sign in to your ORCID account.


  2. Once signed in, the screen below will appear.


  3. In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, locate the Emails list and click on the pencil to edit that list.


  4. In the right-hand side of the popup box, for the primary email address select the green share with Everyone icon.


    Note: The email needs to be the same one used to create the account in Flywheel.

  5. Save the changes made.

  6. Log out of ORCID as shown in the image below. This window is found in your account in the drop-down on the upper right side of the page.


  7. Navigate in the browser to to clear any cached login attempts.

Using an ORCID Account to Log in to Flywheel

  1. Return to Flywheel and select CILogon.


  2. Select ORCID from the drop-down list if it is not preselected, then click the red Log On button. Be sure to click on the Remember this selection box shown in the image below.


  3. If the user is not currently logged into ORCID, it will prompt the user for their credentials as shown in the image below.


  4. If it is the first time logging into ORCID through CILogon, you will be prompted to authorize the access.  CILogon delegates the user's authentication to ORCID and has the user authorize access to their information for CILogon.


  5. After selecting Authorize Access, the user is brought back to the Flywheel site.

    Note: If the user account has not already been provisioned in Flywheel, the following message will display:


    Create a New User in Flywheel using the email in the message as the username, which is case-sensitive.

  6. Optional: After onboarding, restore the sharing profile of your email in ORCID to the original setting.

Adding Institutional Collaborators to Flywheel