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Session Templates


Session Templates allow Project Admins to configure requirements for acquisitions. For example, you can specify:

  • The minimum number of acquisitions with a given label
  • The minimum count and measurement classification of files within the acquisition

If a session does not contain the acquisitions specified in any of the configured templates, it will be flagged for review.

This article explains how to create a session template, gives an example template, and shows how to view sessions that don't match the template requirements.

Instruction Steps

Prefer videos?

Watch this webinar to learn how to create a session template.

Create Session Template

  1. Sign in to Flywheel as a Project Admin.

  2. Navigate to a project.

  3. Click the Templates tab.


  4. Click Create new template.

  5. Fill out the template:

    • Session name: Configures the text at the beginning of the session label that the template would apply to. If empty, it will apply to all sessions in the project. Regex string matching is supported.
    • Acquisition count: Configures the number of files that should match the acquisition label
    • Acquisition label: Configures the full or partial acquisition label that the template is checking for. Regex string matching is supported.
    • File Count: Configures the number of files that match the file classification
    • File Classification: Configures the required file measurement classifications. Learn more about measurement classifications in Flywheel.
  6. Click Add File to have multiple file rules for an acquisition.

  7. Click Add Acquisitions to have multiple acquisition rules for a session.

  8. Click Save.

The template evaluates any existing session in the project. If the sessions don't follow the template, they are flagged.



In this example, Flywheel evaluates sessions that have a label starting with anxiety_protocol_pre. The template will flag any session that does not have:

  • At least 1 acquisition with the label MPRAGE
  • Two files that are classified as T1

This means the the MPRAGE acquisition would have to have a DICOM file and a NIFTI file that both have been classified correctly.

View sessions that don't follow the template

Flywheel automatically flags any session that does meet the requirements set in the template. These are called flagged sessions. To view flagged sessions in a project:

  1. From the project, click the Sessions tab.
  2. From the Advanced Filter menu, select Only Flagged


  3. Enter a date range to narrow down the results or leave blank to view all flagged sessions.