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Setting Gear Permissions


By default, gears can be used by any user site-wide.  However, Site Administrators or Site Developers can limit gear access to designated users, projects, or groups.  Learn more about the impact of gear permissions.

A site admin or site developer can update the permissions of a specific gear. Permissions are set at the group, project, or user level. Combinations and multiples are allowed. A permission of None will result in site-wide permissions, and is the default when a gear is first loaded.

Site Administrators or Gear Developers can set Gear permissions using the following functions in the the Flywheel Python SDK.

Instruction Steps

In these examples, awesome-gear is an example gear name. is an example user id, 623b89fff383de7494a88e66 is an example project id, and research is an example group id.

  • Check existing permissions on the gear
fw.replace_gear_permissions("awesome-gear",{"users" : ['']})
  • Remove any restrictions on the gear, setting the gear permissions to default(None)
  • Add another user to the “awesome-gear”
fw.add_gear_permission("awesome-gear", "users", {"id":""})
  • For group level and project level permissions, the same commands apply, but the input becomes:
fw.replace_gear_permission("awesome-gear", "users", {"id":""}, "group", {"id":"research"})
  • To remove all permissions and make a gear inaccessible by users, provide empty lists:
fw.replace_gear_permissions(gear_name,{"users" : [], 'projects': [], 'groups':[]})