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Browsing the Flywheel Hierarchy using the CLI

The "fw ls" command can be used to browse the Flywheel hierarchy via CLI.


  1. To begin, enter fw ls. This lists the groups available and their current permission levels.


  2. Enter fw ls again to look at projects assigned to a specific group.

    Example: In this case we can check which projects have been assigned for ce-team group.


  3. Further navigating the hierarchy, we can see all subjects in a project and any files attached at project level and their time of upload.

    Example: There are 9 subjects in project "Amygdala_Structure" and 1 attachment file.


  4. One step further, we can see sessions assigned to a particular subject and their timestamps.

    Example: We have one session for subject amyg_s3:


  5. The last level is acquisitions. We can see acquisitions for each session.