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Finding the Flywheel CLI Logs


The Flywheel CLI records detailed logs on the user's local machine. The CLI logs contain far more detailed debugging information than is displayed to the user in the terminal, and this information is essential when troubleshooting issues.

If you run into issues while using the CLI, follow these instructions to locate the log files stored on your local machine.

When contacting Flywheel's Technical Support Services for assistance with issues related to the Flywheel CLI, include the CLI logs from your local machine for quicker resolution. Flywheel's Technical Support Services may be contacted via email at

Instruction Steps

The Flywheel CLI logs may be found at the following location on the user's local machine:

  • On Windows: C:\Users\<username>\.cache\flywheel\logs\cli.log
  • On all other platforms: ~/.cache/flywheel/logs/cli.log