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Flywheel CLI Login Issues


This document identifies CLI Login Issues and provides instruction steps to assist.

Instruction Steps

No User

Login was successful, but \ is not set up as a user within Flywheel. Contact an administrator to get registered to the platform

If you see this error message, you need to add the user to Flywheel. If you have already added the user to Flywheel using their email address, you should update the username to use the username in the error. This is the user's eduPersonPrincipalName (ePPN). This username is case-sensitive and may be different from the user's email address.

#### Find the ePPN

If you still see the error after adding the username from the error, you can find the ePPN for a user by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to


  1. Click University Credentials via CILogon.

  2. Select the institution from the dropdown list. You are redirected to the institution's sign in page.

Note: If the institution does not appear in the dropdown, contact Flywheel to enable it.

  1. After you successfully sign in, you are redirected to the Flywheel Token Debugger page.


  1. Look for "". The value after is what you should enter for the username in Flywheel. All users you add from the institution will follow this same format.

IdP is not whitelisted

IdP \

is not whitelisted. Contact an administrator to add your login provider.

This error appears if you select an institution from the dropdown list that has not yet been enabled on your Flywheel site.

You may also see this error if you are not using the correct email address. Follow the steps above to verify you are using the correct email address.