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OHBM 2020: Open Science, Reuse, and Reproducibility


This document provides videos on Flywheel's approach to reproducibility.

Available Videos

This video from OHBM 20202 provides an overview of how Flywheel supports open science. Watch to learn more about Flywheel's approach to reproducibility.

3:23 What is Flywheel?

7:09 Flywheel Open Science Approach

10:08 Open and Extensible Features

22:14 Reuse and Sharing

26:19 Question: Does the researcher client have the ability to use the underlying data bases such as Aurora, Redshift, or BigQuery?

37:47 Flywheel Approach to Reproducibility

42:20 Question: Regarding open science and crazy developments with AI, where do you see research ten years from now?

48:05 Demo with EEG

52:29 Question: Do we have a research department?

54:30 Limited demo