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Gear Permissions


By default gears can be used by any user site wide.However, Site Administrators or Site Developers can limit gear access to designated users, projects, or groups (see this article). This may be useful for gears in development, to ensure only authorized users run a particular gear, or to manage consistency of gear usage on a project.

Instruction Steps

Gear permissions control the user's ability to:

  1. Run a particular utility or analysis gear, either singly or in batch mode.
  2. Add a particular gear to a gear rule.

Visibility to gear outputs, gear logs, existence of gears in the site, or execution of gear rules are not affected by the permissions.

The following table shows the effect of gear permissions for a particular user:

Product Area User has Permission to access the gear User does Not have Permission to access the gear
Left Nav - Job Logs No Impact
Left Nav - Installed Gears No Impact
Gear Rules - Creation When the user creates a new gear rule, the gear is available to select. When the user creates a new gear rule, the gear is not available to select.
Gear Rules - View No Impact
Gear Rules - Edit, Duplicate, Delete No Impact
Gear Rule triggering when a file is added to a project. (user upload, or any process) No Impact
Analysis tab (from Project or within sessions) - View No Impact
User Running Gears (Analysis or Utility, single or batch) User can select the gear to run it. User can’t select the gear to run it.  It does not appear in the pick list.
Session - Provenance tab - View No Impact
Session - Provenance tab - Retry No Impact
Left Nav - Site Gear Rule Template Creation Permission has no impact - HOWEVER only Gears with site level permission can be put on a gear rule template.  If gears have any other permission, they can’t be put in the template by any user.
Project Creation - populate gear rules from template No Impact