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Webinar Series: Finding Material with Python SDK


This document provides informational webinars.

Instruction Steps

A hands-on webinar where we:

  • Learn how to work with existing containers and file metadata
  • Explore the features of containers (e.g., tags, info)
  • Master data lookups and retrievals (get).
  • Learn how to use the UI to retrieve container IDs.
  • Engage with real-world examples.
  • Unlock the power of Advanced Search (UI)

To follow along with the webinar, download the training materials from Gitlab.

1:30 - Overview

2:12 - Requirements

3:30 - Install and import dependencies

5:16 - Flywheel client initialization with an API key

7:59 - Use lookup to find items in Flywheel

8:23 - Lookup a project

10:30 - Lookup a subject or session

10:46 - Lookup a file

11:42 - Create a function to find a container’s label, type, and id in your Flywheel site

16:29 - Lookup vs Get methods

17:55 - Locate container ids to pass to get methods

20:30 - Locate the Acquisition id

23:10 - Get a file

15:48 - Get a container along with its label, type, and id

31:06 - Generate the URL for a project, subject or session

33:23 - Construct Advanced Search queries

38:56 - Use Advanced Search queries with the SDK

43:52 - Q&A