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Deprecation of CLI 'fw import' Command

Starting with CLI version 16.2.2, the fw import command will no longer be available through the Command Line Interface.

All critical functionality has been successfully ported to the fw ingest command which offers a faster and more stable experience for ingesting datasets of any size.

See the following articles for more information on the fw ingest command:

Instruction Steps

Re-Enabling the fw import Command

In rare cases, it may be necessary to revert to using the fw import command.   This can be achieved by setting an environment variable through the CLI.  Simply enter:


Once the above command is entered, fw import will be available for the duration of your terminal session.


The fw import command is no longer supported by Flywheel.  Please use caution when re-enabling this feature as it may not function as expected in future releases.  Please contact Flywheel Support if you have any additional questions.