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Flywheel 18.1

March 2024



  • Reader Tasks

    • Tags
      • Allow users to add Tags to Reader Tasks to better manage workflows and status of Tasks
      • Users can View Tags on the Reader Task List View
      • Users can View, Add, and Delete Tags on a Reader Task Detail Screen
  • Gears

    • Gear Input file version checking
      • This optional gear developer feature provides a check that will cause a gear to raise an exception and not proceed with an update if the input file was changed during execution. This will help avoid the situation where a user modifies an input file while it is also being processed by a gear, and the gear then using an out of date input file version to produce output. Race conditions can still occur in rare cases, but this covers a majority of scenarios. This has been added to the gear specification.

    Gear Outputs Limited to 100 Files

    For 18.1 we added a warning message to the log that output number was truncated to 100 and that this job will fail in a future version (19.0). See the gear specification for more details.

    With Flywheel 19.0 these jobs will fail and log log warning message will be captured. Because reliable and stable compute capabilities are very important to our customers, we are committed to rolling out this change in a staged manner to ensure logic is sound in the field and to make sure that users are aware of the change and are able to adapt their workflows to abide by this new limit.

  • BETA - Project Import & Export

    Simple Project Imports can be Launched from the Flywheel Core Web App

    Simple DICOM-only imports from external storages can be launched from within the Flywheel web application. This option is available via the new "Import Data" button from within the "Imports" tab of the "Project" page.

    Imports launched from the Web App currently use default mappings based on DICOM header fields (equivalent to running fw-beta import run -t dicom without custom mapping rules). Flywheel is considering further enhancements to enable more complex imports to be launched from the Web App in the future.

    The Project Import feature is disabled by default while in BETA. To enable these features on your site, contact Flywheel Support.

    • Project Import and Project Export are now tolerant of database restarts.
  • BETA - fw-beta CLI Usability Improvements

    • Both aliases gear ls or gear list may be used for the command to list installed gears.
    • A clear error message is displayed when attempting to run a reference-in-place import using the --storage-config with a storage provider (not allowed).
    • A clear error message when attempting to create a file-system storage using a relative path (absolute paths are required).
  • BETA - OHIF v3 Viewer

    OHIF v3 Viewer is Available in BETA for Read-Only Workflows

    • Option to hide scroll bar
    • Reset viewports to HP when "Reset" button used
    • Flywheel Hierarchy Navigation
    • Conditional visibility for contour outputs in viewer
    • Option to hide "Tags" menu option in viewer
    • ETDRS grid functionality to 2D MPR viewports


  • Security
    • Introduce the use of Content Security Policy (CSP) HTTP Headers for increased security.
    • Introduce additional server-side safeguards to limit access to file contents for users having "view file contents" permission without "download file" permission.
    • Resolved an issue where a user without download permissions could download files from within the OHIF v2 viewer.
  • Viewers
    • Resolved an issue where DIMSE did not paginate sort aggregation after high volume query failures.
  • Gears
    • Resolved an issue where Compute engines failed to deploy due to exhausted subnet for AWS deployments.
  • Project Imports & Exports
    • Fixed a minor performance issue with Project Imports and Project Exports related to duplicate/conflict detection.
  • fw-beta CLI
    • Fixed an issue where fw-beta would crash on macOS systems with an Intel CPU.



  • Removed the use of Content Security Policy (CSP) HTTP Headers (introduced with Flywheel 18.1.0 Release) until a future release resolves the issues impacting legitimate customer use cases.



  • Resolved upload errors when uploading large files within a specific narrow size range to Azure hosted Flywheel sites.
  • Resolved issue of file parts being stored in an unexpected order when uploading files over 4 GB to Azure hosted Flywheel sites.
  • Resolved issue where Site Admin users could not see or access some gear input or output files from the Jobs Log web UI.
  • Resolve error when attempting to use Flywheel CLI command fw download



  • Resolved issue where Subject and Session records could not be created with the Web UI on Lab Enabled projects on Multi-Provider Flywheel sites.



  • Resolved the issue where fw ingest dicom fails with "User already has permission on the project."



  • Resolved the issue where the project copy settings for a project are unable to be saved under an infrequent project internal state condition.



  • Resolved issue with viewing nifti files in the default viewer.

  • Fixed an issue with fw ingest dicom when --copy-duplicates is enabled where the process would sometimes fail with an error saying, "User already has permission on the project."