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Flywheel 18.3

June 2024




  • Support splitting tiled images of Siemens mosaic image in OHIF v3/FT

  • Keep annotation state on switching between modes

  • Handle file create and download permissions in v3 viewer

  • OHIF: Display user friendly error messages when segmentation loading unsupported scenarios

  • Add speech-to-text UI and dictation functionality to form TextArea input component

  • Left hierarchy navigation panel context change confirmation, UI and tests

  • OHIF v3 Performance Tracker

  • Record read time for reader tasks on draft/submit study form

  • Option to disallow overlapping closed contours in OHIF v3

  • Support UI indicator for active question identification

  • Support TextField and TextArea question components

  • Support annotation colors from labels configuration

  • Migrate closed freehand ROI tool to OHIF V3

Core Data Management


  • Option to accept a file conflict by updating the existing file with the incoming file.

  • Ability to upload entire folders at once instead of having to select multiple files individually.

  • Ability to find and view specific existing data which conflicts with the incoming data.

  • Language updates for better clarity on the Local Upload pages of the Flywheel Core Web App.

  • Minor styling updates for better clarity on the Import Details dialog of the Project Import page in the Flywheel Core Web App.

  • Language updates for better clarity in the tooltips on the Import Details dialog of the Project Import page in the Flywheel Core Web App.

  • The fw-beta CLI is now available on Jupyter Notebooks.


  • Resolved an issue with Contour tool interpolation in the Viewer.

  • Resolved issue with viewing nifti files in the default viewer.

  • Now able to download large files (4GB) from the UI.

  • Improved duplicate checking when creating API keys with spaces in the name.

  • Resolved SDK error when attempting to add deleted acquisitions to a collection - error (400) Reason: All 1 acquisitions were not updated.

  • Allow fw-beta config on shared systems

  • Fixed an issue with fw ingest dicom when --copy-duplicates is enabled where the process would sometimes fail with an error saying, "User already has permission on the project."

  • Fixed issue with Flywheel Notebooks where the user's notebook files are not being populated into the server.