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15.x Release Notes

Flywheel 15.9 Release



  • DICOM Viewer Enhancements
    • Added ability to set hanging protocols in the viewer using the ohif_config.json
    • New tools
      • Open freehand ROI
      • Sculpt
      • Timer tool
    • Custom configurable toolbar
    • Ability to manually edit ROI color and visibility via the measurements panel
    • Conditional logic for tool type to be used to make required measurements
    • Option to disallow overlapping closed ROIs
    • Option to set minimum +/- maximum zoom level allowed
    • 2D MPR Enhancements
      • Added zoom tool
      • Double click to switch between 3 and 1 viewport view
      • Turn crosshairs on and off
      • Manual slab thickness entry
    • Improved Nifti file loading
  • Updates to the Search UI
    • Export search results as CSV
    • New data columns with sorting & filtering


  • Addressed issue with DICOM viewer that prevented ROI annotations from saving properly in some circumstances



  • Database performance enhancements



  • DICOM viewer now loads as expected when launched from the project level
  • Fixed “Invalid Chunk Length” issue resulting in fw sync jobs timing out
  • --detect-duplicates-override now functions as expected when used in config file
  • Addressed issue resulting in latency when applying tags via the SDK
  • DICOM viewer no longer sticks when scrolling through slices
  • CSV export on search results now uses comma as a delimiter
  • Improved loading speed on the projects page
  • CLI Ingest now recognizes DICOMs with capitalized extensions



  • Addressed error presented in DICOM viewer for users in Read-Only workflows
  • Measurement labels are no longer duplicated when ROIs are recorded using different tool types
  • Addressed issue resulting in searches not returning sessions in some cases
  • Improved performance when loading a session’s acquisitions
  • Addressed issue resulting in DICOM viewer failing to load in some circumstances



  • Fixed issue resulting in user_login events not being recorded in Access Logs for some customer sites. Please direct any questions to



  • Addressed issue resulting in Gear Rules triggering on non-Acquisition files in some circumstances



  • Addressed issue resulting in Jobs Log page crashing in some circumstances
  • DICOM viewer now properly loads single frame images and html files
  • Improved supportability for sites with multi-provider enabled



  • Addressed issue resulting in "Out of Memory" error on some operations involving large files
  • Changes to project data are now consistently represented in search



  • ElasticSearch Upgrade (ES 6.8.22)

Flywheel 15.8 Release



  • Addressed issue resulting in DICOM viewer becoming unresponsive when loading mosaic images
  • Improved DICOM viewer performance for larger projects
  • De-Id log service now has correct permission for persistent data
  • Acquisition labels now accept length of 128 characters (64 previously)
  • Addressed de-identification bug resulting in sequence elements with an index greater than 9 failing to be de-identified as expected.



  • Addressed issue resulting in data in moved sessions not being able to load in DICOM viewer
  • Fixed issue where DICOM viewer could not be launched from the project level in some cases
  • Addressed CLI ingest issue that resulted in a "No space left on device" error when handling large files
  • Fixed CLI issue where ingest failed to find all DICOM files when files are named with UIDs



  • Database migration fix



  • Single DICOM files are no longer zipped when ingested via the CLI



  • The CLI "Detect Duplicates" feature now works as expected when ingesting single DICOM files
  • Addressed issue resulting in the DICOM viewer presenting an error when attempting to load a large number of cases at the project level



  • Improved support for ingesting large files (>5gb) through the CLI
  • API performance improvements



  • Increased timeout for sites requiring multi-part upload support

Flywheel 15.6 Release

File Versioning, DICOM Viewer Updates, UI Enhancements, and Performance Improvements



For many of you, much has changed since your last upgrade. Version 15.6.0 represents the biggest release of 2021 and includes a host of new functionality and performance improvements. This latest update includes: - File Versioning - New DICOM Viewer Features and Improvements - Segmentation Overlay - Additional Enhancements - User Interface Enhancements - Sorting and Filtering - Viewing Timezone Data - Data Views Enhancements - CLI Updates - Fixes

We're also continuing to update and improve our catalog of Flywheel-maintained gears.   See the new Gear Updates page for the latest.

1. File Versioning

Flywheel now offers even greater support for reproducibility and regulatory compliance by introducing numbered versioning for all file data. Now, file versions will be automatically recorded in all provenance, analyses, and jobs logs. This feature also gives you better control of your data by allowing you to view, restore and delete previous versions of files.


See this article for the full details.

2. DICOM Viewer Features and Improvements

Updating and improving our integrated viewer is a key focus for Flywheel in 2021. Version 15.6.0 brings some exciting new functionality as well as some key improvements to performance and consistency.  

2.a. Overlay NIFTI Images

The ability to superimpose different images in the viewer is an important requirement to many of your workflows. We're happy to announce that we've extended the viewer's capabilities to support the application and management of multiple overlays directly in the viewer. Within the viewer, you can now navigate the Flywheel hierarchy to select segmentation overlays and masks.

For example, after loading a NIfTI image in the viewer, you can easily navigate to its associated FreeSurfer analysis object and load the output overlays.


2.b. Additional Enhancements

Version 15.6.0 also includes significant improvements to viewer performance, consistency, and image-type support. Specifically: - Updates to caching and indexing logic for improved loading speed - More robust handling of datasets missing expected tag values - Support for encapsulated PDF files - Support for displaying Siemens mosaic images

3. User Interface Enhancements

We're continuing to update the UI to improve usability and overall user experience. Version 15.6.0 includes additional sorting and filtering options as well as improvements in how you can view and interact with your data in the UI.

3.a. Sorting and Filtering

As many of you have told us, it can be challenging to locate the acquisitions you need when working with data-heavy sessions.   Version 15.6.0 adds additional sorting options for acquisitions in addition to the existing sorting and filtering options for acquisition files.


We've also added sorting and filtering to all attachment interfaces to make it easy to locate the files you need.


3.b. Viewing Timezone Data

As several users have reported, attempting to locate scans based on timestamps in the UI is challenging when those timestamps are converted to local time by the browser.   To alleviate this confusion, we've added a toggle that allows you to view DICOM timestamps with their corresponding timezones at the time and place of capture.


3.c. Data Views Enhancements

Since its release last year, many of you have adopted Data Views as an important component of your workflows.   With that, we're committed to continuing to improve and extend its functionality to meet your needs.   Version 15.6.0 includes:

  • The ability to adjust column widths in the UI
  • Cell value displayed on mouse hover
  • Backend updates to improve performance on creating, launching and exporting larger Data Views

4. CLI Updates -- Test De-id Locally

Because proper de-identification is absolutely critical to your workflows, we've made it easier to create and test your de-id profiles before your data reaches Flywheel.   We've introduced a top-level command that allows you to generate a sample template that you can use as a starting point and a simplified method for testing your template.  Simply point to a sample dataset, the profile you'd like to test, and the folder where you'd like the output report to be saved.

fw deid ~/DICOMS ~/Profile/deid_profile.yaml ~/TestOutput

See this article for the full details

5. Additional Updates

  • fw ls now allows site-admins the ability to see all groups and projects


  • Performance enhancements for larger Data Views in UI
  • Images now load more consistently in DICOM viewer
  • Default window width and window level is now correct when opening images in the DICOM viewer
  • DICOM viewer no longer filters study list on StudyDate.  Previously, DICOMs without this field or with hashed values were being filtered out
  • DICOM viewer more resiliently  handles datasets when a study is missing StudyInstanceUID
  • Modality menu now collapses in faceted search
  • Addressed issue resulting in FreeSurfer licenses disappearing from project custom information in some cases



  • Addressed issue resulting in some "QA" and "Object" file types failing to load in viewer



  • Fixed issue with DICOM / NIfTI viewer where the default frame height prevented some NIfTI images from loading
  • Addressed issue with gear rules where optional inputs were being populated instead of being left blank

Flywheel 15.5 Release



  • Addressed issue preventing some customers from uploading large files to Flywheel

Flywheel 15.1 Release



  • Addressed issue resulting in files missing their deid_log_id after upgrade