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Adding Attachments


This article describes how to upload single files to the following locations in Flywheel. These methods should not be used for imaging files; attachments should be other types of files for your project like subjects list, survey questions, etc. You can add attachment to the:


Unsupported upload method for site, group, or project de-id profiles

Using the methods in this article will not de-identify data. Use one of these supported methods if you use site, group, or project de-id profiles.

Instruction Steps

Attach to a Project

To upload a file that would be an attachment at the project level:

  1. Select a project.
  2. Click the Information tab, and go to the Attachments section
  3. Click Upload Attachment.The file appears in the list of attachments


You can also attach files to a project in the details view:

  1. Select a Project.
  2. From Sessions, click Project.
  3. Click Upload Attachment.


Attach to a Subject

  1. Select a project.
  2. From Sessions, select a subject.
  3. Select the Subject tab.
  4. Click Upload Attachment.

The file is uploaded to the subject and appears in the Attachments list.


Attach to a Session

  1. Select a project.
  2. Select the Sessions tab.
  3. Click Upload Attachment.

The file is uploaded to the session and appears in the Attachments list.


Upload an Acquisition

You can also create a new acquisition and upload data to acquisitions level of Flywheel hierarchy. Please note theses files will be uploaded as acquisitions and not attachments.

  1. Select a project.
  2. From Sessions, click the Acquisitions tab
  3. Select the action menu

add_ons_options_menu.png and select Upload Data to Acquisition.


You can either create a new acquisition or add to an existing acquisition.

Screen_Shot_2020-02-18_at_10.20.51_AM.png To upload to existing acquisition, select an acquisition from the drop down menu. This upload displays inline with the acquisition you've selected.

To create a new acquisition.

  1. Select the Create New Acquisition.


  2. Add the description.

  3. Drag and drop the file, and click Upload.

Note: Use the DICOM Web Uploader if you have DICOM images.


Use the Flywheel CLI

The fw upload command can be used to upload files to different locations in Flywheel.

  1. Use the following command:

    fw upload [File to upload] [Destination Path]

  2. Modify the destination path according to the location where the file needs to be attached.

For Example, to upload license.txt file as attachment to the project "Amygdala_Structure", the command would be:

fw upload license.txt "fw://ce-team/Amygdala_Structure"