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Analysis Gears


Any Gears that perform an Analysis (or in other words and are not intended for classification, quality assurance, or conversion purposes), can be run from the Analysis tab and their outputs will be displayed there.

Instruction Steps

Running Analysis Gears: To run an Analysis Gear, navigate to the Sessions page, located under the Datasection of the Flywheel sidebar. Select a Session from the Sessions list, then select the Analysis tab at the top of the Session Detail. Click the Run Analysis Gear button at the top right side of the page. You will be prompted to select an Analysis Gear, select files, and label the analysis. Click Run Gear to start the analysis. Any outputs from this analysis will be displayed on the Analysis tab along with information about who created the analysis, when, the name of the job, and its status.

Note: it may take several minutes for a job to process, and you may need to refresh the page.


Managing Analyses: Once an analysis has been created, users can view or download the outputs in the Analysis tab. Users can also create notes about the analysis. Multiple analyses can exist on a single session. Users have the ability to modify a Gear and re-analyze data. To delete an analysis, click the accordion menu in the top right corner of the Session Detail, then select Delete.