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Annotating Data


Flywheel allows you to add notes or attach files to your projects and sessions. These fields are searchable from Flywheel. This is helpful if you want to include any stimulus material, survey responses, or other unstructured data. Or if your data is abnormal for any reason, write a note to capture what may have occurred, so other people viewing this data have that context.

This article explains how to add notes as well as where you can attach files in Flywheel. See our tag management article for more information on tags.


Do not upload imaging data here


You may receive an error if you try to upload a large amount of imaging data to the Attachments section. This is because the Attachments sections on the Information tab and Sessions tab are intended only for metadata files related to the study, such as subject consent forms or surveys.


Upload imaging data using one of these methods. These methods are designed for large datasets, and they allow Flywheel to organize and categorize the imaging data within a project.

Instruction Steps

Add notes or attachments to a project

Notes and attachments added to the project also appear on sessions associated with that project.

  1. Sign in to Flywheel.
  2. Click Projects, and select a project.
  3. Click the Information tab.


  4. Enter notes or add attachments.

  5. Attaching Files to a Project: The Project tab also allows you to upload Attachments. Use the attachment section to included files related to your imaging data. For example, participant surveys or consent forms. These attachments will appear for each Session associated with that Project. You can also download, view, or delete the attached file by clicking the appropriate icon.

DO NOT upload imaging data to the attachment section. Use one of these methods for uploading imaging data.

  • Create a Note: You can use the notes feature to capture conversations between you and your colleagues. For each note created, Flywheel captures the timestamp and username.

Add notes or attachments to a session

  1. Sign in to Flywheel.
  2. Click Sessions from the left menu
  3. Use the filters to narrow down the sessions if necessary
  4. Select a session.


  5. On the right details panel, select the Sessions tab.

  6. Enter notes or add attachments.

Next Steps

Learn how to search for these custom metadata fields in Flywheel.