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Automated Quality Assurance: MRIQC Gear


This document provides information on MRIQC Gear.

Instruction Steps

Among several QA gears, many Flywheel sites have installed the MRIQC gear. Along with the DICOM classifier and dcm2niix gear, the MRIQC is a great candidate to be configured to run automatically on your project as a Gear Rule.

If you have a MRIQC gear configured on your Project so that it runs on the appropriate images, you can view the QA report by selecting the View icon on any qa file. These output files of the MRIQC gear are placed in the same container as the input files, because the MRIQC gear is a Utility Gear (see here for more on different gear types).


The MRIQC  report will provide you several visual reports and image quality metrics giving you the ability to visually inspect your images quickly.

Visual Report examples:



The most recent version of the gear also extracts the image quality metrics and attaches them to the qa file as metadata. These metrics can then be accessed by the Search functionality, other gears, or through the SDK.

Image quality metric examples: