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OHBM 2020: Automating BIDS Workflow with Flywheel


This document provides information on BIDS data sets in Flywheel. It is somewhat dated in that we now recommend using the relabel-container gear to rename acquisition labels to conform to the ReproIn standard instead of suggesting that project curation templates should be modified to recognize existing acquisition labels.

Full Video (23:00)

Available Topics

Dr. Maggie Mahan talks about curating BIDS data sets in Flywheel, exporting BIDS data sets, and analyzing BIDS data sets with Flywheel Gears.

1:16 What is Flywheel?

3:05 The BIDS Standard

5:45 BIDS Curated Data Set in Flywheel

15:50 Exporting and Analyzing with BIDS

17:34 Upcoming BIDS Features in Flywheel

18:50 Question: Using file extensions such as .tsv and field mapping

22:29 Question: Managing physiological recordings