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Export a Project in BIDS Format


This article gives an overview of the export bids command, which can be used to download a Flywheel project in the BIDS format. Your project must already be curated for BIDS before you can export it in the BIDS format. Learn more about BIDS curation in our other article.

Instruction Steps

Export Bids Command

The BIDS exporter will export a BIDS curated project into the destination folder. You can limit export to a particular subject or BIDS subfolder (e.g. func.). Learn more about installing the Flywheel CLI.

fw export bids [optional flags] --project [project label] [dest folder]

Positional Arguments

Required argument Description
[dest folder] The path to the destination folder on your local machine
--project The project label for the project you want to export

Optional Arguments

Optional flag Description
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--config-file CONFIG_FILE, -C CONFIG_FILE Specify configuration options via config file. Learn more about creating a config file.
--no-config Do NOT load the default configuration file
-y, --yes Assume the answer is yes to all prompts
--ca-certs CA_CERTS The file to use for SSL Certificate Validation
--timezone TIMEZONE Set the effective local timezone for imports
--debug Turn on debug logging
--quiet Squelch log messages to the console
--project PROJECT, -p PROJECT Label of project to import into
--subject SUBJECTS Limit export to the given subject
--session SESSIONS Limit export to the given session
--data-type DATA_TYPES Limit export to the given data-types. (e.g. func)
--source-data Include sourcedata in BIDS export