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Creating and Using Collections


Users can use Collections to organize their data to meet their unique needs. This feature can be used to create customs views, organize data within a Project or across Projects by Subject, modality, or research topic.

Instruction Steps

Prefer videos?

We have a collection of videos showing you how to get the most out of Flywheel. See these for more information:

Note: The description in the below video about not needing to give individual access to projects, refers only to sharing Analysis Results attached to a Collection.

Create New Collection: To create a new Collection, navigate to the Collections page under the Datasection of the Flywheel sidebar. Then, find the Create New Collection component on the right side of the page, enter a Collection name, and click Save. To create a Collection from using existing data from the Dashboard, select the Sessions or Acquisitions you wish to add to a Collection, then select Add to Collection from the Actions menu. Next, toggle to Create a New Collection, enter your Collection Name and click Save.

Add Data to an Existing Collection: To add data to an existing Collection, select the Session or Acquisitions you wish to add to a Collection, then select Add to Collection from the Actions menu. Select your Collection from the drop-down menu and click Save.

Tip: Create a Collection of data for the T2 mapping of white matter, Gliomas, or for a subset of data you work with most often.


View Collections: To view and manage Collections, navigate to the Collections page under the Data section of the Flywheel sidebar. From here you can filter the Collections list, create new Collections, and edit individual Collections.  

Share a Collection: To share a Collection, select your Collection from the list and then select the Collection tab. Then, click the Manage Collection button and select Sharing from the header menu. Add an existing user using the drop-down menu, select a permission level, and click Save.


  • Any changes made from the Collections Dashboard affects the dashboard for all users.
  • Collection permissions control actions allowed for Collection level configuration and data.
  • Project permissions control actions allowed for Sessions and Acquisitions added to a Collection.


Delete a Collection:To delete a Collection, select the action menu next to your Collection, and choose Notes. Next, click Delete CollectiondeleteCollection-export.gif