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Discovery Dashboard Quick Start


Discovery Dashboard enables streamlined discovery of patient cohorts by allowing users to search and filter on imaging metadata. The imaging data for the resulting cohort can then be exported for further analysis. The purpose of Discovery Dashboard is to provide a cohort-centric view of your PACS/VNA and to enable research workflows.

This document will show you how to navigate to an example dashboard populated with DICOM metadata from a PACS and will walk you through an example search. Once a cohort is defined, we will export the study list to Discovery Admin where the imaging data will be ingested.

Instruction Steps

Following this Quick Start Guide, users will be able to login to Discovery Dashboard, navigate to a custom dashboard, search imaging metadata to define a cohort, and make a data request to Discovery Admin.


Depending on your organization’s authentication configuration, you may be presented with single sign-on options or a username/password login as shown in the images below.



Selecting Discovery Tenant

Once logged in, select the appropriate tenant from the list (discovery in this case). Then select Confirm at the bottom right of the screen.


Then choose Dashboard from the dropdown menu in the top left and select the dashboard you’d like to view from the list.


Searching by Use of Filters

Discovery Dashboard allows for dynamic searching of imaging metadata to enable rapid cohort selection. Filters can be applied to narrow results down to research specific requirements.

Searching can occur either using the advanced Dashboard Query Language (DQL) or by selecting elements from the dashboard UI.


Choose patient sex = M from the Patient Sex pie chart visualization and all other dashboard components will update to the appropriate matching numbers as shown below.

Continue filtering until you have selected the desired search criteria. In this example we have filtered on gender, modality of CT, body part of HEAD, and a study date between Aug 31, 2017 to Mar 29, 2020.


Data Download Request

A download request can be submitted to Discovery Admin where an honest broker can approve or deny the request. This is the first step to get your custom cohort populated in Flywheel for further analysis.

Scroll to the Study Instance UID list and select the Request Cohort button.

Enter a descriptive project name and the associated IRB# if applicable and select Send Request. The requested Study Instances will be sent to XNAT and available for review and approval by an administrator in the Discovery Admin plugin UI.

Please reference the Discovery Admin Configuration & Usage document for information on how to approve and fulfill a data request.


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