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Downloading an Entire Project from the Web UI


Use the Download Project feature to easily export your data, including metadata and analysis, from Flywheel to your computer. For large projects, we recommend using the fw sync command to download data.

Instruction Steps

Prefer videos?

We have a collection of videos showing you how to get the most out of Flywheel. See these for more information:

  1. Sign in to Flywheel.
  2. Click Projects, and choose a project to download.
  3. Click Download Project.


  4. The Download Project prompt appears.


  5. Enable or disable the options for what to download to your computer.

    • Download Full Project: Enable this option to download all metadata and analysis associated with the project.


    The directory structure for projects that include metadata and analysis is different from the structure of the other download options. This means that if you plan to import the project back to Flywheel using the ingest folder command, you may need to update the directory structure to match the requirements of that command.

    • Include Metadata*: Select this option to download your project metadata and all metadata associated with your selected files and their related containers.
    • Include Analysis*: Select this option to include all analyses inputs and outputs at every level of your project. This option is only available when selecting All File Types.

      *Analysis and Metadata options are only permitted on full project download.

  6. Click Download.

Flywheel begins downloading your project as a tar file.

Download Structure


When downloading a full project, the unpacked archive (.tar) provides a hierarchical representation of your project structure with metadata at each level.