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Downloading Data


Much like uploading data, you can easily download data to analyze or share outside of Flywheel.

Instruction Steps

Select a Few Sessions to Download

If you are downloading a few sessions, you can download data directly from your project.

When viewing acquisitions in a project, select all of the acquisitions you would like to download. Once selected, choose the Download option from the Action menu.



You can also easily download acquisitions or individual files by selecting download from their options menus Optionsmenu-Acquisitions.png

Download an Entire Project

Use the Download Project button to easily export your data, including metadata and analyses, from Flywheel to your computer. This method keeps data in the Flywheel hierarchy structure.


Download Large Amounts of Data

If you have many scans in your project, you can use the Flywheel Command-Line Interface to download large amounts of data. These are the commands for getting your data out of Flywheel

  • fw download: Downloads an entire project, session, or acquisition or a single file. Flags can be set to exclude or include certain files types. Learn more about how to use fw download.
  • fw export : Exports projects in the BIDS format. Note that projects must already be curated for BIDS. Learn more about how to use fw export.
  • fw sync: Syncs Flywheel data, including the folder structure, locally or to Amazon S3 buckets.

Learn more about how to use fw sync

Next Steps

Now that you have the basics, here's some more topics to get the most out of Flywheel: