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Filtering Data


Only the data you have permission to access is available on your dashboard. By default, the Session List is in reverse chronological order by Timestamp, so the newest data in the system is at the top of the list and the oldest data is at the bottom.

Instruction Steps

Viewing Sessions by Group: If you are a member of multiple Groups, you can choose to only view data from a specific Group. To do this, navigate to the Sessions page found under the Datasection of the Flywheel sidebar. Use the All Groups drop-down menu, found above the Sessions list, to select a specific Group. You will then be able to see only the Sessions from that specific group in the Sessions list.

Filtering Session List: To filter the Sessions list by timestamp, subject code, or project name, use the filter at the top of each column.

Sorting Session List:To sort the Sessions list by timestamp, subject code, or project name, click the up and down arrows next to each filter box at the top of each column.

Advanced Filtering: To filter by more specific parameters, use the Advanced Filters menu located above the Sessions list. The Advanced Filters menu allows users to filter by data range and tags at the Session level, age range, sex, and information at the Subject level, and measurement type at the File level. Advanced Filtering results are reflected dynamically. All applied filter parameters are below the Advanced Filter menu. To remove the filters, click the 'x' next to the name.