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Flywheel Webinar: FlyQL and Advanced Searching in the SDK


In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Advanced Search functions in the SDK
  • Finders in the SDK
  • Processing search results to build informative visualizations of your flywheel instance

To follow along and try out the examples from this webinar, see our Gitlab project for interactive code examples.

Instruction Steps

PART I: Data Curation With FLYQL - 3:17

Advanced Search Generation - 4:45

Return_type - 14:07

How to use these results in the SDK - 15:50

Adding Results to a collection - 18:11

Demo of a more powerful application - 20:50

PART II: Advanced Search For Visualization27:37

Visualize activity on the our flywheel instance/projects - 28:11

Query Complexity != Sophistication - 28:42

Example - 29:42

Dive Deeper - 30:02

Metadata Parsing - 30:36

Magic Data Manipulation - 33:00

Final note on advanced search vs finders - 34:38

Bonus: Site Admin Tools - 45:17

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