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Gear Exchange


Flywheel has curated this collection of Gears, or ready-to-use plug-in applications, that automate routine tasks, including metadata extraction, classification, quality assurance, BIDS conversion, and full analytic pipelines. This library is made available through the contributions of Flywheel employees, customers and members of the broader research community.

What is the Flywheel Gear Exchange?

  • The Flywheel Gear Exchange is a place where Gear authors can publish Gears they are willing to share with the broader Flywheel community.
  • It is a library of ready-to-use pre-processing and analysis pipeline applications
  • It is hosted within a Gitlab Repository containing Manifests with CI enabled to automatically build and host Gear assets.

What are the Benefits of the Exchange?

  • Gears within the exchange can be installed to any Flywheel Instance
  • The Gear Exchange is Flywheel's principles in practice
  • Openness
  • Transparency
  • Reproducibility

Gear Inventory

All gears available on the exchange can be found on the Flywheel Gear Exchange.

How do I contribute?

Interested in contributing to the Gear Exchange? See the Gear Exchange for Developers.