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How to Replace Legacy API Keys


This guide will demonstrate how to find and replace their use of Legacy API Keys. All users should replace their use of Legacy API Keys (instructions below) as soon as feasible, to avoid disruption when support ends.

API Keys are

Instruction Steps

Finding Legacy API Keys

Legacy API Keys are named "Legacy Key", have a ⚠ icon, and can be found in your user Profile page...

Navigate To User API Keys

And in Device management (only available to users with a Site Admin role)...

Navigate To Device API Keys

Responsibility for Devices

Reaper Devices are managed by Flywheel staff, who will manage the replacement Legacy API Keys. No customer action is needed.

Importer Devices are managed by whomever is operating that particular data import. This may be Customer staff or Flywheel staff. Contact your Site Admin and Flywheel Support to confirm whom is responsible for any remaining Import Device Legacy API Keys found.

If no Legacy API Keys are present, you are done, congratulations!

For any Legacy API Keys found that you know are no longer in use, skip ahead to Deleting.

Creating Replacement Enhanced API Keys

Create a new Enhanced API Key for the User/Device with the Legacy API Key you wish to replace. Setting an expiration is required, is pre-populated to 1 month and there is no minimum.

Create User API Key

Copy the generated API Key to a secure location -- you won't be able to access it again after closing the dialog. Flywheel recommends using your institution's approved secure password management tool.

Copy to Clipboard User API Key

Apply the API Key to your use of the Flywheel CLI, SDK, or other custom tool that interacts with the Flywheel Core API.

Confirm your use case works with the new API Key.

Removing the Legacy API Key

After confirming a Legacy API Key is not needed, or has successfully been replaced, it is time to remove the Legacy API Key. This is performed by opening the Legacy API key, then clicking the Revoke API Key button...

Open Legacy User API Key

You have completed replacing your Legacy API Keys, congratulations!


If you experience any errors or concerns with replacing your Legacy API Keys, contact Flywheel Support.