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Ignoring Certain Images in Bids


Not all acquisitions that are acquired during a session are relevant to the BIDS standard. When exporting BIDS to your local drive or to a gear, in the BIDS metadata there is an ignore flag that can be set on every NIFTI image in the session that will tell the BIDS exporter to ignore that file when downloading.

The BIDS Gear will not recognize a file if it's labeled with a known non-BIDS classification like "Localizer". However, if another acquisition may not be BIDS relevant but might otherwise look like a BIDS data type, the user can set the metadata value to True.

The BIDS Curation gear will set this flag based on the template it is provided. If this field needs to be set manually, it should be done after BIDS curation gear is run.  This is because re-running the curation gear with the "reset" option on will clear out any BIDS information so this manual change will be lost.  When using the default ReproIn curation template, adding "_ignore-BIDS" to the end of the acquisition, session, or subject label is a more permanent way to ignore all the files in that container.

The location of that metadata field in the UI is shown below and can be edited there as well.

Metadata in UI

Instruction Steps

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