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Moving An Acquisition


This document explains how to move acquisitions within Flywheel using the Web User Interface (UI). Moving acquisitions can be necessary when data is not added to the correct location within Flywheel.

Supported Version

This feature was introduced in Flywheel Enterprise 17.0.0

Instruction Steps

The instruction steps below will allow one to move acquisitions to a different session.


  1. Sign in to Flywheel
  2. Navigate to the sessions that need to be moved. One can arrive at the sessions a few different ways:

  3. In the left menu, click Projects > select a project > click Sessions

  4. In the left menu, click Sessions

  5. Select the checkbox next to a single acquisition or select multiple acquisitions from a single session.

  6. Go to the Actions menu and choose Move > Move Acquisitions to Session (the prompt should  appear)
  7. Choose a destination project, subject and session

  8. Conflicts Found: If an acquisition with the same label already exists in the destination session, a conflict message appears. Proceeding with the move will result in the Flywheel system appending a number to the moved acquisition's label. Acquisition labels can be updated further as needed after the move.

  9. Select whether to Delete Source Session if empty automatically after the move completes. A session is considered empty if it contains zero files, acquisitions and analyses. Any custom metadata, tags and notes would be deleted.

  10. Click Move
  11. The acquisition now should have been moved to the Destination Session. Navigate to the Destination Session to view the acquisition.



The following have been identified as limitations:

  1. Acquisitions can only be moved to existing Sessions. If the destination Project, Subject, or Session doesn't exist, then it will need to be created before moving Acquisitions.
  2. Acquisitions can only be moved from a single session at a time.
  3. Moving acquisitions from search results is not supported.

Note: Moving an acquisition to a different project does not de-identify data. Use one of these supported methods if you use site, group, or project De-ID profiles.