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Moving Sessions


This article explains how to move sessions to a new subject or assign it to an existing subject. You can move a single session or multiple sessions.

Instruction Steps

Moving Sessions to an Existing Subject

  1. Click Projects from the left menu.
  2. Go to Sessions.
  3. Select sessions that need to be moved.

    Example: In this case two sub-01 sessions should be assigned to sub-04.Screen_Shot_2019-11-11_at_2.43.39_PM.png

  4. Click Actions from the above menu.


  5. Select Move Sessions to Subject.

  6. Choose the project to which the subject needs to be added.

    In this case sub-01 sessions should go to the OpenNeuro_BIDS project.


  7. Choose Existing Subject*, and select the subject to which sessions need to be added.

    In this case we are adding the sessions to sub-04.


  8. Click Save.


  9. You can see the sessions have been added to existing selected subject.

    The sessions now appear in sub-04.


Moving Sessions to a New Subject

  1. You can also move sessions to a new subject by selecting Create New Subject option.

  2. Click Save.


    We can see sub-11 label created and sessions added to new subject label.