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Prioritizing Jobs and Gear Execution


The Job Prioritization feature provides users with the flexibility to prioritize the execution of Gears, allowing for improved efficiency in user workflows such as data curation, quality control, and other user-initiated tasks in the system. With the ability to set priorities for ad hoc Gear runs and batch Gears, users can reduce their wait time and have more control over the scheduling process. In addition, automated Gears can also be prioritized based on their specific purpose, resulting in productivity improvements for users.

Instruction Steps

Job Priority Levels

The Job Prioritization feature provides four priority levels for Gear jobs:

  • critical
  • high
  • medium
  • low

When no priority is explicitly set, the default priority level is medium.

Set the Priority of Individual and Batch Gear Jobs

Users have the ability to set the Job Priority for both ad hoc Gear runs and batch Gear runs. The priority information provided will be used in the Job scheduling process to insert the Job into the proper place in the queue.

Single Gear run:


Batch Gear Run:


Modifying Priority of Enqueued Jobs

In addition to ad hoc jobs, users also have the ability to modify the priority of existing enqueued jobs individually or in bulk, as long as these jobs have not started yet. This feature allows users to influence the jobs picked up by the scheduler and prioritize certain jobs over others.

To modify the priority of enqueued jobs:

  1. Ensure that you have the appropriate permissions to manage the jobs.
  2. Navigate to the Jobs Log, check the box next to the job(s) you want to modify the priority of.
  3. Select Update Priority from the Action menu.
  4. Enter a new priority and then click Update Priority.



  • Changing the priority of jobs may not always guarantee immediate execution.
  • A site's compute (condor) profile configuration, as well as resource availability, can also affect job execution queuing and order.  For example, if a profile is set up to target a particular gear name, it will pick up the highest priority job in it's scope. There may be higher priority jobs generally.
  • When there are multiple jobs with the same priority in the scope of the same compute profile, the job with the earliest creation timestamp will be picked up first.

Job Priority in Gear Rules & Gear Rule Templates

If you have permissions to create Project Gear Rules and/or Site Gear Rule Templates it is possible to set the priority for jobs initiated by those Gear rules.

To set the priority for jobs initiated by a given Gear rule, simply select the desired "Job Priority" level from the dropdown when configuring the rule, as shown below.