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Running a Gear in UI


When a user selects run gear on the project data page, a modal pops up giving the option to run a Utility or Analysis gear.

Instruction Steps


Once a selection has been made, you will be brought to a modal with 3 tabs, inputs, configuration and information. In addition, different versions of gears may be available. The default selection will be the latest version uploaded to this Flywheel site.


The inputs tab is where the user selects the input they wish to run their gear on. Flywheel's input selector allows you to move up and down the Flywheel hierarchy. Click the right arrow at the end of a container in to dive in or use the links at the top of the modal to move up the hierarchy.



Different configuration options are available for each gear and can be found on the Configuration tab.



The Information tab provides more context around the gear implementation and the underlying algorithm. Links and contact information are provided if the gear maintainer provided them. The maintainer of the gear is the creator of the Flywheel gear itself. The Author field denotes who is responsible for the underlying science algorithm. Questions about the Flywheel implementation of the gear would go to the Maintainer. Questions about the underlying algorithm would be best answered by the Author and a link to their website is often provided