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Running an Analysis Gear on a Subject


A gear is an algorithm that has been packaged in a way that allows it to be run and managed within the Flywheel Platform. You can configure gears to run on your project or on a specific subject.

This article explains how to run a gear so you can get an analysis for a single subject.

Instruction Steps

To run a gear on a subject in Flywheel:

  1. Sign in to Flywheel.
  2. Click Sessions.
  3. Select the Subject view button The subject view button
  4. Select a subject.


  5. Select the Analyses tab.

  6. Click Run Analyses Gear.

    The Run Analyses Gear modal appears. If you do not know how to configure and run a gear, see our article for more information.

  7. Configure the gear to run, and select Run gear.

    The gear runs against the subject. Refresh the page to check for results.