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Selecting Data In Flywheel


This document provides information on selecting data in bulk.

Instruction Steps

From A Project

You can select data in bulk from the acquisition, session, or subject level in flywheel.

Selecting All Data in a Project

To quickly select all Data in a project, simply click on the box at the top left of the session view:


Selecting Acquisitions

Individual acquisitions can be selected from the UI be selecting the checkboxes next to the labels of the desired acquisitions:


Note that the session on the left has a blue minus symbol:


This symbol indicates that some, but not all, of the acquisitions are selected.  If all acquisitions are selected, it will become a check.

Selecting Sessions:

All acquisitions in a session can be selected by clicking the blue check-box next to the desired session(s).  Note that the session now has a blue check, indicating that all acquisitions are selected.  You can manually de-select individual acquisitions from this selection by clicking on the acquisition's checkbox.

Ex. selecting all data from three sessions:


Selecting Subjects:

To select all data fora given subject:

  1. Switch to the "subject view" by clicking on the subject view button
  2. Click on the subject you wish to process
  3. Click on the box next to the "Description" search box to select all data for this subject.

  4. Alternatively, select multiple sessions from the navigation panel on the left, as you normally would for selecting sessions