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Site Bookmarks


The Site Bookmarks feature enables Site Administrators to configure a set of Uniform Resource Locators (URL) to be available to all Flywheel site users. Common use cases include linking to an organization’s internal Information Technology (IT) support resources or documentation for the organization’s policies/procedures governing the use of the site. When clicking on a bookmark, the URL configured for it will open in a new tab in the same browser window.


Only Site Administrators may add, modify, and delete bookmarks or change an order.

Instruction Steps


To add, delete, or modify a Bookmark, please follow the instruction steps below:

  1. Start by clicking on the in the top menu bar

    help menu

  2. Then click on Add Bookmark (if none exist). Add Bookmarks in blue under the Bookmarks section as shown below will only display if there are no pre-existing Bookmarks. All pre-existing Bookmarks will display under Bookmarks.

    add bookmarks

    If Bookmarks do exist, then click on the Pencil Icon instead as shown below to open the Manage Bookmarks Interface.

    edit bookmarks

  3. Add, Modify, Delete, and reorder Bookmarks as needed in the Manage Bookmarks Interface.

    site bookmarks - manage ui - while adding.png

  4. Once the Bookmarks have been added/deleted/modified, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

    save bookmarks

  5. Verify that clicking on the Bookmark(s) works as expected to ensure there are no broken links.

Usage Considerations

  • The Flywheel system does not perform validation on the URLs so when one adds or modifies a Site Bookmark, the Site Admin should verify that all URLs work as expected.
  • Only web URLs are supported, while other service types or javascript are not
  • Bookmark names are limited to 64 characters
  • This feature is optimized for use cases of 5 or fewer bookmarks, although configuring more is possible.