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Study Participant Project Report


Creating Project Reports allows users to generate summary information about each Project. Each report will format the data for printing for external distribution (i.e. create PDF to email) to facilitate grant compliance. The inclusion of demographic information in the Project Report makes it easy to report on the number of sessions by subject grouped by sex, race, and ethnicity.

Instruction Steps

Generating a Project Report

To generate a Project Report, navigate to the Project Report page, located under the Admin section of the Flywheel sidebar on the left side of the page. Use the Configure Project Report component to select a project and specify a date range, then click the Run Report button to generate the report. The Project Report will appear on the Project Report page, below the Configure Project Report component.

Create Project Report


To generate a Project Report that spans the Project from start to present, check the From project creation to present checkbox.

Printing Reports

To print a report or create a PDF for distribution, click print in the top right corner of the report. Clicking print will trigger your browser's print dialogue with the contents of the report with printer-friendly styling.

PHS Inclusion Report

The Projected Report format from PHS inclusion guidelines from the NIH.

Additional reporting tools

Learn how to use the Python SDK to create reports on activity in your Flywheel instance from the Flywheel Webinar: FlyQL and Advanced Searching in the SDK