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Subject View


By default, Flywheel organizes your images and data by sessions. However, you may want to organize data by subject to easily review longitudinal studies.

This articles explains how to view data by subject.

Instruction Steps

Enable Subject View

Enable subject view to organize data by subject:

  1. Click Projects from the left menu.
  2. Go to Sessions.
  3. Select the subject view icon SubjectViewIcon.png

The sessions are now organized under their subject.


Enable for all sessions - You can also organize all sessions by subject by going to Sessions in the left menu. Then, click the subject view icon SubjectViewIcon.png

Special Features

When subject view is enabled, Flywheel displays a list of subjects. Each subject includes the number of associated sessions and the timestamp. Note: Subjects with no sessions will also be displayed in Subject View.


Subject view also shows subjects that do not have any associated sessions.

To filter data, click on the Subject Label and Session Label, and begin typing to find matching subjects or sessions. You can also view all subjects display all of the sessions associated with each subject.

Sessions tab: View all sessions and acquisitions for a subject

To view all of the sessions and acquisitions for a subject, click on the subject and select Sessions. Scroll down the details view to see the acquisitions grouped by session.

Analyses Tab: Run gears and view all analyses for a subject

Analysis gears can also be run on a single subject. Viewing a subject analyses tab will display all subject-level analyses associated with a subject. Note, this tab will not display any session-level analyses.

Next Steps

To run a gear on a subject in Flywheel:

  1. Sign in to Flywheel.
  2. Click Sessions.
  3. Select the Subject view button SubjectViewIcon.png
  4. Select a subject.
  5. Select the Analyses tab.
  6. Click Run Analyses Gear.

The Run Analyses Gear modal appears. If you do not know how to configure and run a gear, see our article for more information. 1. Configure the gear to run, and select Run gear.

The gear runs against the subject. Refresh the page to check for results.

Provenance Tab: View a list of gears and jobs run on a subject

Available in Flywheel version 10.2 and later

The provenance tab provides status and history of all gears and jobs run on a subject. It also shows gears run on the sessions that are associated with a subject.