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Unzipping in a Downloaded Flywheel Project


This document provides assistance with unzipping in a downloaded Flywheel Project.

Instruction Steps

When downloading a project from Flywheel, you will receive a tar file. After extracting that tar file, you will have a directory in the form of Project->Subject->Session->Acquisition Flywheel hierarchy.

All of the DICOM files will be in an archive file as they were in Flywheel, e.g. <filename> If you want to upload this project back to Flywheel, there is no need to unzip the DICOM files. You can login to the CLI and use the fw import folder command to import the extracted archive back into Flywheel.


fw import {unzipped_project_level_directory}

However, if you have a need to use the DICOM files in a directory, you'll likely need to unzip them all. Here's some Linux/MacOS commands you can use to do this quickly.

This unzips all \* files in and below the current directory:

find . -name "*" -execdir unzip {} \;

After those have been unzipped, you can then delete the zip files with:

find . -name "*" -delete