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Using University Credentials to Sign In


Flywheel is updating how users sign in using their university credentials. This new sign in process improves the security of your Flywheel site and makes it easier to collaborate with users.

This article explains how to sign in to Flywheel using your university's single sign-on credentials. If you have been using Google to sign in to Flywheel, you should continue using that method.


This feature is only available on V3 Infrastructure.

Instruction Steps

  1. Open Chrome, and go to your university's Flywheel site. For example .

    You are redirected to . You are automatically redirected to this page each time you need to sign in to Flywheel.


  2. If you use your university email to log in, Select University Credentials via CILogon.The first time you sign in, you are redirected The CILogon authorization page.

  3. Choose your university from the list of identity providers.
  4. To skip this step in the future, enable Remember this selection.
  5. Click Log On.

    You are redirected to your university login page.

  6. Enter your university username and password.

You are redirected back to your Flywheel site and signed in.

How to choose a different identity provider

If you select a provider and choose Remember this selection, you need to delete CILogon cookies from your browser to change the identity provider you use.

To delete CILogon cookies:

  1. Go to
  2. Under Browser Cookies, select the cookie


  3. Click Delete Checked.

  4. Navigate back to your Flywheel site, and sign in.

You are redirected to the CILogon page where you can choose a different identity provider.